Veggi Treat Box
veggie dog treats. healthy treats
Veggi Treat Box
Veggi Treat Box
Veggi Treat Box
Veggi Treat Box
Veggi Treat Box
Veggi Treat Box

Veggi Treat Box

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Try Our Healthy Vegetarian Treats Pack & Help Reduce Your Dog's Carbon Footprint.

If you already have a vegetarian or combination diet for your dog or are thinking about trying  veggi treats, this is a great pack of tasty vegetarian chews and treats. 

We have three sizes for small, medium or large dogs.

This box can be bought as a one off or subscribe and save with on obligation, cancel any time. The pack contains....

One Pack Of Super Seaweed Bakes 

These tasty seaweed treats are full of goodness, with great flavours from  seaweed, sweet potato, spirulina and peas. Full of phytonutrients which promote cellular health.  They can also strengthen the immune system and improve digestive health. Vegan friendly plant based treats, good for your dog, good for the environment.  Great to use as training treats.

Ingredients- Potato, peas, sweet potato, alfalfa, spinach, spirulina (1%), seaweed meal (1%). Analytics - Raw protein 10.4%; raw fat 1.2%; raw fibre 6.3%; raw ash 3.7%; calcium 0.2%; phosphor 0.2%

 One Packet Of Veggi Bakes

. Packed with wholesome vegetables, Pumpkin, Apple, Parsnip, Sweet Potato,  with  Apple, Banana, Coconut,  for a healthy digestive system and Rose Hip to support healthy joints and Coconut for skin and coat health, and helps combat yeast infections and flea allergies. 

Composition - Potato, sweet potato, carob, courgette, pumpkin, parsnip, apple, rosehip shell, coconut, banana. Analytics -Raw protein 7.5%; raw fat 3.1%; raw fibre 4 %; raw ash 3.4%; calcium 0.13%; phosphor 0.19%

One Packet of Sweet Potato Treats 

100% sweet potato dog treats, simply cooked, sliced and air-dried, nothing added or taken away.

The texture of our Sweet potato treats acts as a natural toothbrush, helps keep teeth healthy and promotes fresh breath. It is 100% natural, containing no animal by-products or preservatives.

Naturally hypoallergenic and rich in Beta-carotene, which promotes bone growth and tooth development and helps maintain healthy skin, hair and mucous membranes.  It is also rich in vitamins A, C, B6 and E.  Strengthens and helps to regulate the digestive tract

Nutritious and highly digestible, a great natural  alternative to raw-hide

Ingredient - 100% natural Sweet Potato

Benefits - Rich in Beta–Carotene, No added sweeteners, No added colours or preservatives, Low fat, Grain free, Naturally hypoallergenic, The texture of our sweet potato treats acts as a natural toothbrush 

One Small, Medium or Large Yack Snack 

Traditionally made and enjoyed for centuries by the people of the Himalayas, this 100% natural hard cheese comes as a long lasting chew for dogs!

The chews made in Europe using 100% cows milk, adhering to high standards of production whilst still using traditional Himalayan techniques. These are Long Lasting  chews but we can't guarantee how long they will last. They are softer than the likes of antler, but much tougher than most regular dog chews.

Ingredient 100% Cows Milk . Benefits - Rich in calcium and protein 60%. 

One Small or Large Toothbrush

These are 100% vegetable based treats with minimum fat content. Made from compound vegetable fibres with natural colouring. These treats offer a healthy  alternative  treat for all dog breads. The medium box contains a large toothbrush.


Eco and Health Credentials